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Let’s boost our active membership! Between March and June, 2014, encourage your family and friends to become members. The criteria for membership are you must be born in Ireland, or be of Irish descent or be married to a member in good standing. For every two new members you sponsor that are sworn in, you will receive a coupon good for one free pint in the pub. In addition, your name will be entered into a drawing (prizes to be announced) for each new sworn in mem- ber. Sponsor one member and your name is entered once... sponsor two new members and your name is entered twice! Membership applications are available in the pub!

Electronic Notification

Are you a member and not receiving your newsletter and other Club announcements electronically? Help us correct that problem!

Send us an e-mail at with your full name, town of residence (we have a few members with the same name) and e-mail address and we will make sure to add you to our distribution lists.

Remember, providing us with your e-mail address allows for:

quicker delivery of your newsletter
auto notification of Club Events
helps us reduce Club costs!

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