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Capital Campaign Fund

We are so grateful to everyone who has contributed to the Capital Campaign Fund!

Thank you for supporting the Irish American Home Society!

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Campaign Information &

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Capital Campaign fund and what is money being raised for?

The fund is designed to ensure our Home is kept in working order. This fund will be used to address critical and necessary upgrades for our facility. This fund is intended to serve as a primary resource for all critical and necessary upgrades made to the facility going forward.

How will the funds be allocated? Which projects will be prioritized?

At this time, we are curating a list of our most pressing issues and needs. This webpage will continue to be updated as needs come to light and the curation of needs will be continuously updated over time.

The most immediate and current need is an upgrade to our heating and cooling system. This project will need to take place in the very near future. There is a desperate need for significant funding to support this very expensive project.

In addition to this, our two kitchens are in dire need of an upgrade to make them more functional and to ensure they can be utilized to their full extent for future events and rentals. More specifically in the downstairs kitchen, there is a need for reorganization of storage and increased workspace (i.e., installing stainless steel cabinetry with lockable storage). There is need for a new grease trap with more effective configuration along with a functioning grease separator; installation of a half-door in from the back room to assist with keeping the pilots lit, the addition of a 2nd fryolator and slicer;  and installation of new ceiling tiles in the back area of the kitchen.

The upstairs kitchen also needs to be upgraded. The list of improvements includes: new insulation and ceiling, installation of a proper sink as well as a handwashing sink, dishwasher, new floor.

Both our upstairs and downstairs bars need to be upgraded. The upstairs bar needs to be upgraded to include a glass washer, ice maker, a larger sink, new flooring, as well as modifications for equipment, glass, and inventory storage. The downstairs bar needs upgrades to its general layout including a new glass washer.

Where (in what account) will the money be lodged?

The account is named “IAHS Capital Campaign” and only contributions designated for the Capital Campaign will be deposited into this account.

If I want to make out a check, whom should I make it out to and what should I write in the memo?

Checks should be made payable to “IAHS Capital Campaign” which will be deposited into the aforementioned account.

Can I use a credit card to make a personal contribution directly to the club?

If you wish to make a contribution via credit card, it must be done through the GoFundMe page:

I see we are using a GoFundMe account for a portion of the fundraiser, what are the expenses associated with that method?

Our GoFundMe account is set up and ready for your credit card contributions. The platform will charge a flat 1.9% processing fee and $0.30 per transaction will be charged to the recipient (IAHS Capital Campaign Fund). Contributors will be given the option to include this processing fee on top of their contributions to alleviate our costs.

Can I pay cash and to whom should I make that contribution?

Making a cash contribution is not recommended at this time. For more information on making a large cash contribution please contact the IAHS President.

Who will oversee the account and expenditures?

The Treasurer, Financial Secretary, and President will oversee the account and expenditures, with the assistance of the Building Committee.

How will expenditures and account balances be communicated with the membership?

The account balance and expenditures (total fees incurred and money spent on campaign materials) will be included in the monthly Treasurer's Report.

Are contributions tax-deductible?

Unfortunately, due to our 501(c)7 status (social club), contributions are not tax-deductible.

What will happen if funds exceed the current list of expenditures?

All Capital Campaign contributions will be put to good use. Once we have completed the priority list of upgrades, and we are blessed with the generosity of our members, the next items on the upgrade list will be addressed. For example, the upstairs hall needs new carpeting. The wood dance floor is moving toward the end of its service life. The downstairs lounge is in need of new flooring. Other items include a new water heater, upgrading the shower area for our sports teams, adding a moveable partition to separate the shower/changing area from the east side of the cooler and garage door, refurbishing the area that houses our washer/dryer and installing a dryer vent. For the exterior of our building we need to repair our drainage problem on the patio side of our building, install an ADA compliant ramp, assess the sidewalks along the perimeter of the building, etc.

Is there a limit on how much an individual can contribute?

There is no limit on how much an individual can contribute.

Can organizations both for-profit and non-profits contribute to the campaign?

We encourage our satellite groups or any other organization interested in supporting the campaign to reach out so we can discuss options for setting up additional campaign events and fundraising opportunities. Any individual, business, or non-profit organization may contribute to the campaign. Please reach out to the IAHS President for more details on how your business or organization can help support the campaign.

Update to FAQ:

The campaign has been rather successful,  what can we expect as a result of the donations we've received?

Due to the relative success of the campaign we have been afforded an opportunity to conduct an engineering analysis in an effort to identify an appropriate (and efficient) approach to future upgrades and opportunities for improvements.

In addition to this, the campaign expects that the IAHS building committee will begin providing consistent updates to the membership in regards to the various improvement projects that will take place, including details on when projects are expected to start as well as their progress and completion status.

Updated: 6-7-21

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